CPU or RAM Hit With Busses?

Does anyone know if, or how much, CPU or RAM hit is entailed through busses?

I’m interested to know if it can be significant or is insignificant both with a bus being active or simply sitting idle in VST Connections.

I’d like to make a template that includes internal summing for VSTi softsynths and hardware so I can record directly without rendering.

Setting up a template with VST Connections for a half-dozen multi-output hardware synths and about 4 16-output softsynths is time consuming. I’d like to have an idea of other peoples’ opinions whether it will be practical or not to have such a setup before I start.



I’d be pretty certain just adding busses in vst connections is not going to affect your cpu or ram use by any measurable amount.

Seems reasonable.

I believe I do recall some admonition to not unneccessarily open unused audo outputs on multitimbral VSTis as that could put an extra cpu load on the project. But hopefull idle ports in VST Connections is a different matter.