CPU orverload


I have recently upgraded my DAW to 32 gb RAM and Intel i7, 512 gb SSD.
I am running Windows 10 pro and Cubase pro 8.5.

When I want to export my project to audio files i got an error message saying
CPU overload. Extremely annoying! I didn´t think that a CPU overload would occur
with my DAW specs.

Does anyone know what is causing this error?

Regards/ Jocke


Do you export in Real-time, or offline?

I export in real time since I have an external VSTi.
Could that be the problem?



Then I would recommend to export the Sound from the HW synth to the audio track (which is always a better option), and then export the whole song in offline mode.

How does one export audio from a HW synth? I would have thought it something that could only be done in realtime?

Yes, but during this, you will not play the whole project, with all plug-ins. So the CPU should be very OK.

Btw, I would recommend you to test your system via LatencyMon.

I actually did that and still got the error. But when I changed the buffer size from 128 to 256 samples
it worked. But for how long? It seems that this is depending on how many tracks that I want to export
at the same time. I believe that you are correct when you say that the better option is to export one
track at a time.


Of, course, it depends on the count of tracks. And also on plug-ins, you are using. Read some theory about the Buffer Size, please.

And I would really strongly recommend you to test your system via LatencyMon.

Martin is giving you excellent advice, Tellskog, which you should follow, so excuse me for butting in here but I think it would be worth your while to read through this post and associated links, which address BIOS and power-saving issues you may also be suffering from…


Good luck, C :slight_smile: