CPU Overload/Audio drop out detected

Why, this message over & over & over again. Latest version installed. This occurs randomly every project no matter what I have open.

Exactly what the pop up says, “CPU Overload/Audio drop out detected”


How does the Audio Performance meter look like while record? Is it busy? Do you have lots of files in Pool?

Try turning ASIO guard off, or try it at different low/med/high settings. Make sure floating point processing precision is 64bit, if you have a 64bit architecture. Try selecting the tracks you want to play live in the sequencer view, and then play them and see if the latency is still as high. I’ve been dealing with this issue, and numerous others have, for months now. This appears related to hyperthreading and how many multimedia threads are able to run per cpu core, and is a known issue.

One user suggests that disabling hyperthreading in your motherboard bios can fix this. I haven’t tested this yet.

Thanks for the clarification

Utilizing Cubase for a huge undertaking, I was once in a while irritated by dropouts in sound during blending/playback, and by the goading “Sound drop out identified” message during recording.postalexperience.com/pos
This is a result of CPU over-burden. Ongoing playback can be an issue in light of the fact that your blend, modules, midi, and so forth take a great deal of handling power. In the event that your fare of a 3-minute tune takes 3 minutes, you can envision that it’s difficult for Cubase to do progressively.