CPU Overload/Audio Dropout detected Cubase 4 on MAC

Hi there!

I´ve recently start to get this “CPU Overload/Audio Dropout detected” message in a C4 proyect, and if I hit OK after the dialogue box, the message reappears immediately like 12 to 16 times!, and if I don´t click OK, the proyect crashes after few secs.

I´ve discovered that Guitar Rig 3 causes this dropouts, (at least some of them), So I freeze the channels using Guitar Rig and the dropouts decreased, but I keep getting the message. even when mixdown in real time the message appears, although the resultant file presents no clips, beeps, cracks, spikes or something strange whatsoever

Sound card buffer was at 256. Tried it at 512 but no difference. Raised it to 1024 and nothing.

The proyect runs at 48/24, I´m using the video track, 7 Midi ch in Omnisphere, 5 Midi ch in Stylus RMX, 2 Audio ch for gtrs with Guitar Rig on inserts each. 2 Audio ch for voice with Izotope Nectar on inserts each.

I recently upgraded RAM from 10 to 16 Gb, is this has some implications?, some of the VST are clashing?,

I use a MAC OS X ver. 10.6.8
processor 2.66 Ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon
16 Gb RAM
MOTU Firewire 828 MKII

What should I do?
Thanks for your help!.


It looks that you are asking a little to much from your system. Adding more RAM will not help, because Cubase 4 is a 32-bit program.

Please bounce (or freeze) some single tracks to audio like your Omnisphere & Guitar rig tracks and unload them from the project.