CPU Overload during export and sometimes during freeze

For a longer time I experienced now severe Problems when making an export of a project or a simple track, sometimes also during freeze.
This actually happens already when I browse the internet while waiting for an export, sometimes this appears even if I do nothing, or sometimes when I just move the mouse.

Specially when using external instruments and making a real-time export I noticed, that (let’s say 8 of 10 times) I get a CPU Overload which means wasting a lot of time.

And I honestly don’t understand that error, I mean the CPU load should be able to balance itself good enough to not get into a overload situation, being a programmer this seems to be quite absurd (well but i admit it, obviously not necessarily impossible).

Does anyone know how to avoid that situation? E.g. now I have successfully freezed all VSTi tracks and am trying to freeze my 3 external instruments, which I gave up after 3 successless tries.
This is quite annoying. Besides there aren’t so many effects open and teh ASIO-CPU is nearly on top. Freezing and unloading did not lower it, and Soundcard samples are as high as possible.

Any hint or advice?


P.S: I’ve noticed that the freeze algorithm for external instruments seems not to be perfect, as all tracks are played, even if they are not connected to the track to be freezed. Couldn’t be the freeze and export algorrithm be changed that way, that only selected and related tracks (e.g. such wich have sends connected) are freezed/exported? That would be CPU-saving!

I’m not on Mac, so this may or may not apply. Since moving to Win7 64bit OS I was getting the same thing until I upgraded my video card. I was using a GEForce 6800XT with 256MB RAM. I just went to a different card with 1GB ram, and everything seems to be nice and smooth again.

I can’t evaluate if that is the cause. Since I am using a MacBookPro (which is a laptop) I can’t even try out this potential solution…

Anyone else any idea or hint?
This is very annoying since I have no way at the moment to export anything nor freeze/export my external instruments

anybody? Am I the only one with that issue?

I think it’s becuase you are using external instruments…
Do not freeze your external instruments but record them to either their own individual tracks or if you are happy with the balance etc their own stereo mix track… then try exporting that way.