CPU overload during export?

Finally encountered my first issue with C7. When exporting in realtime, I got the following message…“a cpu overload occurred during the export” This is the first time this has happened. I’m sure it’s something simple, any ideas?? I’m running OS Mavericks.


Aloha W,
Does this only happen to you when exporting in realtime?

Reason I ask is I sometimes get this as well but only as soon as the export finishes.
At that point I will get a ‘overload spike’ at the main audio out (when not using Control Room).

This does not affect the quality of the export but does happen from time to time.

And it happens using ‘Realtime Export’ and when not using ‘Realtime Export’.

It has been a real crapshoot.
Never been able to figure it.

Good Luck!

Thanks! Yes, only at the end of a real time export. I have done a lot a real time exports, but this is the first and only time it has happened so far.

For a few months now I’ve been getting this issue almost every time I bounce in Cubase 8.5.20. Doesn’t matter if it’s real-time or offline. I have no idea why it’s happening. It never used to happen.

When I bounce offline, the bounce always succeeds but one or more times during the bounce, my entire computer will freeze for 4-8 seconds. Everything freezes, even the clock in my system menubar. Utterly bizarre. Also, it can break other programs that are running. For example, if Pro Tools is running while this happens, it often crashes.

On a Mac with macOS 12.1.

I just don’t have time to spend hours testing all my plugins etc. trying to get to the bottom of this.