CPU overload in C6

Hi, I just switched to C6 from C5.
A project that was light on CPU in C5 is now heavily hitting my CPU in C6, despite the fact that my system is pretty powerful.
I’m pretty pissed off…

Is hyperthreading activated.

Multi processing is activated.
I didn’t turn on the “Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme” though…
I also set the audio priority to “boost”


Apparantly Cubase could not use hyperthreading and I remember seing a post requesting it to be deactivated to avoid cpu peaks.

I think that it very individual.
When I have hyperthreading off some of my projects really boost up the CPU.
When I turn on the HT, and load up the same project, everything runs really well without cubase boosting up my CPU.
Weird :slight_smile: