CPU Overload on Export in Cubase 6

Hi Guys

Searching on google seems this issue has existed since Cubase 5.

Ive just upgraded from Cubase 4.5 to version 6.

Now when I try to export in realtime Im getting a CPU overload error, Ive never seen this error in 4.5!

Ive tried the suggestions others have tried in older posts and also tried updating to 6.01 however the problem still exists.

Are Steinberg working on a fix for this? or is their one that im not aware of.

I have a really important project that needs to meet a deadline for a client next week, wish I hadnt upgraded now!

Please help!


Mark :cry:

What system setup are you using?

I confess I am running it on XP rather than Windows 7 as recommended, although looking at posts others with Windows 7 having same issue on Cubase 5.5

2.4 Quad Core with 4gb of ram. The project Im running would have worked fine under 4.5 that’s what I cant understand what this error is all about.

Ive got the latest Maudio Delta 1010 driver and tried every buffer value, my PC has been tweeked from music production and so everything else than what is needed on the MB has been disabled.