CPU Overload On Export?

I keep getting CPU overload when doing Mixdown exports.

Will often fail between once and 5 times, doesn’t matter which project, but it usually occurs on a stereo output realtime export. Always works eventually. Just annoying and wonder if theres anything in particular anyone can suggest to try stop it happening in the first place.

All usual Windows tweaks are in place, doesn’t matter which of my 3 drives I send the export to, same behavior. :confused:

Being connected to Internet or not doesn’t seem to make a difference?

Anyone had this? Got any thoughts on what to look for to try to get it to stop?

This happens to me all the time as well. I’m on a Mac though.

Cubase 6.0.4
Mac Pro 10.6.3
6Gb RAM.

Happens on a Mac Too?

And you have decent spec?

i use a 2008 8 core mac pro.

Try raising your buffer size before you mix down, it will put less strain on your system.

buffer size is at it’s largest already.

i think it might be something to do with using ‘elastique pitch’ alg in the arrange page, the more times i change the pitch of audio files on the arrange the more times this is likely to happen.

also happens a lot more often when exporting in realtime.

i don’t think it’s to do with available CPU power, i have a lot in reserve, there’s something else going on.

Have you tried bouncing any files that have timestretch/pitch shift active?
Thinking about it something similar did happen to me some time back… i wanted to see what a project would sound like a couple of bpm slower so i activated one of the elastique algorithms on every audio track… problem went away once i’d bounced them at the new tempo… however, in my case, increasing the buffer size DID also cure the problem…

If you are trying to realtime export maybe it couses some cpu overload messages. Try to bounce it in Non-Realtime mode.

I generally can’t bounce in Non-Realtime mode as i’m running 16 channels of outboard at the same, has to be Realtime.

This all worked flawlessly in Cubase 5 btw, it’s only in Cubase 6 this is a problem.

Im having the same issue on a 2008 macbook pro… I have to real-time bounce because of external instruments. Must be a version 6.04 bug??

Hi Betamac,

have you tried turning multiprocessing off? (if you have it on that is)



Hi All, thanks for your replies

Seem to have minimised it, by saving to another drive,

I have a Caviar green drive that I dont really use now, however because its used for nothing else in cubase (samples, project folder, system) it has got me through exporting this project. I wasnt expecting much as the Caviar Green drives dont really give fast acces times, but its worked, I did increase buffer to maximum also.

I had been using my desktop initially to export to (when the problem started, though I’ve been getting away with it up to now), however this was not cured by exporting to my other faster drive that’s used for my sample library, and project folder. Hey ho, seperate drive for sample library, project folder, system, and exports!

Wow thats costly :unamused: