CPU Overload prevents render with external fx

I cant render my project because it uses a few external fx so only a realtime render is possible. Even though my preferences are set to ignore cpu warnings it seems to have no effect on suppressing warnings during real time bounce making my project un-renderable.

Render the fx before you export?

You mean render just the tracks with hardware fx? It’s a workflow killer because then I’d have to keep track of any changes for each of those tracks manually.

Just play in cubase and record in digicheck

sigh yes that was going to be my last resort. Except the length of the song changes, requires exact trimming afterwards, yada yada… :frowning:

So I guess I’m down to two possibilities, since there’s no ability to “Freeze” an audio track:

1). Render the EFX tracks with all effects (including ext. and vsts) and maintain this copy.
2). Record full project in DIGICheck.

The external effect I’m trying to use is actually just RME’s own EQ which I find very pleasant and subtle. Same settings on other EQs don’t yield the same result. If there was a plugin version of RME’s EQ I’d happily use that. :neutral_face:

Nowhere online is anyone addressing the real issue on this. Fml.
Why is External FX eating up so much CPU??
If I just route tracks to outputs then add new tracks with inputs coming in from the return after the hardware, I don’t appear to have issues. But, when I do setup the exact same hardware as External FX and throw the plugin on, I can only add 1 analog stereo send/return to the Stereo Out. As soon as I add a mono External FX to (for example) a mono snare track too… CPU overload.
I shouldn’t have this issue. Im using Waves and UAD2 plugins with their processing offloaded and just ONE plugin being processed on the control room CPU.

Win 10 Pro 64bit, desktop PC, Ryzen 5 3600x, 64gb RAM, MSi X570 Gaming Plus v2, Nuendo 11, RME Fireface800, SSL Nucleus at the center of the custom hybrid console for controls.