CPU overload rewiring with Reason

Hi folks,

Over the past few weeks I have been loading some older projects of mine into Cubase 9, and some of them are causing some overload issues with my CPU. The projects that are causing the problems are when I rewire Reason 8.3.

The project that I have had problems with recently, is only small, both with Cubase 9 and Reason 8.3.



I reported this a while back in relation to Ableton/Reason and Rewire, although in those reports the real-time performance increase with Reason is lower (circa 3% more compared to the normal load with no Rewire).

Logged as [CAN-6198], related tasks are [CAN-6197], [BON-18499] and [BON-18672].

Thanks Fabio for your reply.

What do you think I should do now?

One of the projects that this happened with has only a few audio tracks, and some midi tracks triggering some instruments in Reason. Both Cubase and Reason are only small projects and shouldn’t really be that CPU intensive.