CPU Overload - thousands of % ?!

Hello, In Halion 6, when I open any skylab project and set grain oscilator Duration to max and Lenght spread to max it cause extreme overload of CPU, Peak level in monitoring has max value about 61000% (?). Overload is present on start of note and in some cases it causes also sound glitch - about 1s of constant “freeze like” sound.
It seems that if I set settings (99,9) close to max values, its not present over 100% overload. Can anyone confirm same behaviour or let me know about possible rootcause?

I alredy tried increase asio buffer, it helped a bit but with max value of my steinberg driver it was still at about 200% peaks.

Hi there!
I’ve tried to reproduce what you described and my CPU loads 10-20% max even when I maxed all the knobs.

Might be something wrong with audio interface’s settings/drivers or there is always a chance antivirus prevents software work properly by scanning its every single process which causes CPU overload. Try to add Halion to exception list of your antivirus and check.

Hello Sergiusmuzzz,
thanks that You tried it. I probably describe it wrongly. Settings of granular engine which I mentioned is in edit/zone settings in granular zone itselft - not in skylab macro - see picture in attachement. Also peaks occuring in H6 monitoring under option page - there is several metering ( average, peak - for CPU, and others about voicing - low part in 2nd picture of attachement - for cpu peaks, this section has to be scrolled.

granular engine.PNG