CPU Overloads during Audio Mixdown

Hello. I sent in this info via support request over two weeks ago and no one contacted me. Not the first time for this. When doing Audio mixdowns of an arrangement with 19 tracks and much Melodyne I am getting many CPU overoads which cause the process to abort. In the Activity monitor, Cubase is showing CPU %'s from 92 to as high as 184% while the Mac’s CPU reads a steady 26%. This seems wrong. Anyone out there notice this. Also to the Steinberg techs: Please answer my query.

Did you activate multicore processing? (Devices menu, I think)

Multicore in the Mac version. Have never seen it.

Ive found that using considerable amounts melodyne will make my mixdowns abort. The only way to remedy that is to render the audio. However the problem with that is that I am not always ready to render the audio when I want a mixdown… so what I do is mix down to a zoom H4N, straight from my mixer main outs… when Im finished with the project (hahaha when is it ever finished) I will render all the tracks to audio (comes in handy if you want to do an alternate mix, but is fairly labour intensive)…

Look further if you can. Another post on this forum by a Mac guy told me the following:

" So, as if it should be any hardware contributing to the problem, I still stubbornly judge my external sound-card, because (when the “Multi-core processing” feature is checked) even with the heavy load my mac’s CPU is on 50% usage or so, leaving much room left. Even way more if I uncheck the Multicore Processing feature, as you know."

So, yes there is multicore processing. Try to check this.

Checked the boost and multi core and the CPU overloads are now down to just an occasional one.