CPU peaking

I’ve not long installed cubase 7 on a new DAW. Its a PC, it has 8Gb RAM, i5 intel 3450 processor running at 3.10GHz (64bit). OS is windows 7 SP1. My sound card is a delta 1010 (sample rate 44100Hz and 64 buffer size). I have been running a project which uses halion sonic on about 4 tracks along with a couple of audio tracks. I get crackles intermittantly through playback which coincides with off scale CPU peaks, which don’t seem to be consistent in where they occur in the song. I can’t see much else running. So I’m at a bit of a loss. It seems to be happening to when the project is loaded and nothing is playing? CPU is averaging at 25% It doesn’t change even if I switch off halion sonic

I read somewhere that I could alter power settings (not sure about a, how to do that or b, why it would work)
I haven’t got internet running in cubase
I’ve altered the buffer size
I’ve upped the RAM from 4 to 8Gb
I read about overclocking but it seems a bit beyond me

I’ve never had this happen before on other cubase versions or on older Pcs

Can anyone suggest anything? I must be missing something

64 buffer on an i5 would give you the latency time of around 3m/s try raising you buffer size 192 and see what happens , as long as the latency time is below 10m/s you’ll be fine

what motherboard have you got ?

I think its an MSI military class III. At least thats what it says when it boots up - not sure how you tell?

Current latency is 3ms - I’ll try raising the buffer as you say

I’ve also seen updating to the next release for halion sonic is a good thing? I’m just downloading the 1.2Gb content now…