CPU Performance issues on Win 10 pro

Im getting some serious CPU performance spikes causing my project to stutter randomly.
i only have 4 or 5 audio tracks using a couple of vst fx each and a few 3 midi tracks driving grrove agent se, one synth in Kontakt and a bass line thru Lush-101. im not having any disk read spikes, not even close.

I know now the usuall reply would be ‘you need a faster PC’… but really???
im on a skylake intel i7 6700 (4ghz) with 32g of 2400 ram and using a PCI-e asio card for audio (esi juli@). all my drives 7200rpm disks and sytem, audio, and resources are all on seperate harddisks…
surely i should’nt even be close to experiencing these performace issues with this spec.
ive configured my performance setting to max power and set my CPU high and low power settings to 100% to avoid and idle time drops.

any ideas peeps please… any known issues with win 10 and C9?.. cheers

Have you checked the most common usual suspects?

  1. Disable any wifi adapters
  2. Disable any Ethernet adapters
  3. Run Latencymon to see if it shows any interrupt or DPC processing issues in drivers.

Unfortunately it takes a little while to iterate through disabling devices and finding out which is causing the challenge, then finding a solution/work around so you can still use that bit if it is necessary.

What ASIO buffer size are you using as well? Does the issue reduce substantially if you say double the buffer size?

I know your pain by the way, my C8.5 +UR44 were working fine until the UR44 driver was updated and now its broke bad. I downgraded the driver to get back to work (backups are such wonderful things!). Steinberg are looking into the issue and the above initial checks are what they asked me to do.

I had a similar issue until I stumbled across this article, which describes the settings to change in BIOS. The two bullet points that helped were:

  1. Disable advanced power-saving and dynamic performance options for your CPU. This usually needs to be done in the BIOS or UEFI of your computer and includes Enhanced Intel SpeedStep (EIST), AMD Cool ‘n’ Quiet, Intel Turbo Boost, and AMD Turbo CORE.

  2. Disable C-States in the BIOS/UEFI, if your computer’s BIOS/UEFI gives you this option. C-States allow your CPU to sleep when idle, which may interfere with real-time applications such as audio. This option is often called “Disable CPU Idle State for Power Saving” in the BIOS/UEFI.

Link to the full article: