CPU problem with studio 4


Can you tell me: I’m mixing my project (about 15 audio tracks) and CPU is on top.
VST performance shows: asio is 100% and disk 0%.
Where this might cost?

What is your ASIO buffer size at? (try increasing it) What other system specs do you have. More information please.


It helps a bit if use the highest buffer size (2048), but about after 12 audio tracks comes pops ands clicks.
It’s really frustraring to freeze almost all tracks and at the same time try to do mixdown.
In project I use:

  • 24 bit and 44.1kHz
  • 1 VST instrument channel (addictive drums)
  • about 12 audio tracks
  • app. 2 insert effects per track, reverbs, compressors, delays, chorus. No vst effects.

macbook intel core duo 2.1GHz
5400 rpm HD
ram 4G
Presonus firepod and Presonus audiobox
Cubase studio 4.5.2

I think you are maxed out on that machine. The 5400 RPM drive is probably hurting your performance with 11 audio tracks. If the hard drive can’t keep up, freezing tracks won’t help. What does the disk activity meter indicate?

Inefficient use of FX by using parallel FX as inserts will hurt the CPU.

Reverbs and Delays or any other FX that you use on multiple channels that you need to set the mix between dry and wet can and usually should be assigned to an FX channel instead and then use the Sends on the channels. This will save you having to put 12 reverbs on your channels.

Thanks Jaslan and Spit!

I will do the changes what you’re recommending.
One question:
Now my plan is to buy 7200rpm HD(The Leader in Mass Data Storage Solutions | Seagate UK)
and instal newer OSX.
Do you know that does studio 4 work out with OSX 10.6 (snow leopard)?
I know that 10.5 is ok but how about 10.6…


Addictive drums is a bit of a cpu hog, ( i have tried the demo version and noticed it was heavy). can you bounce to audio as you stated in your first post that the disk performance meter is at 0? see if that helps too.

the 7200 rpm drive will help but you may want to look at the SSD drives - they are still quite costly but smoking fast.