CPU problems with Cubase studio 4

My problemin overloading CPU.
For exsample my latest project insist only 10 tracks (1 vst ints and 9 audio tracks) and still CPU were 100%. It doesn’t help even if I used the higher buffer size. There is some differences if I’m mixing with phones or using monitoring through the interfaces. Somehow phones doesn’t pops and clicks as much as using interfaces. Can you tell me what this might costs?

And when I open one the other project (there’s about 13 tracks = 1 vst intst. Addictive drums and 12 audio tracks)
CPU is about 40% even there’s no playback or anything else going on.

I have tried to use different buffer sizes and things like that but nothing seems to help.
Is it really that my set up doesn’t be able to run more than 8 tracks without problems?

Is Addictive drums so powerful that it might “eat” all the capasity?
Is there differences using insert effects on audio tracks or should I create effect channel and use sending effects in tracks?

If I freeze some of the tracks it helps a bit but not enough.
I’m not using automation.

If I get some help to this problem I’d be more than grateful


I’m on Macbook 2,13Ghz, osx 10.4.11, HD 5400rpm, 4Gb ram, CB studio 4, Addictive drums.
interface: presonus firepod or presonus audiobox.

What and how many FX are you using as inserts?

If you have 10 reverences for instance then you should expect problems?


I’m using Cubace’s normal insert effects like EQ, compression, reverbs and delays.
On average there is 2 effects per track.
Not a big VST etc. Halion or something else. Just a basic effects.

Yeah, but what reverbs and how many?

Normally I’m using: insert–> reverbs–>Room SE–> and here max 3-4(whole project) different types of short and long reverbs but only one per track.
Is this what you meant?

I notice you say 10 or so audio tracks from a 5400 RPM hard drive. This could be part of the problem. What is your disk activity meter like? Is the drive defragmented? If the hard drive is the problem then freezing tracks won’t help because it just puts more load on the drive.

When I check out Cubase’s performance meters, there CPU is overloading 100% and disk meter 0%.
I have tried to figure out this but didn’t find out it.

Can you recommend some defragment program.
I think your right. 7200rpm HD would help a bit.

I am a Windows user but I would imagine your operating system has one built in. Maybe it even continuously degragments behind the scenes. Sorry I am not much help there.

Try playing with the FX turning one off and see if the meter drops.