CPU Problems

Hi guys
I’m slowly losing my patience. Got a new system with 12th generation i9 Intel CPU with 64GB RAM and Win 11 Home. Cubase 13 does not run satisfactorily and constantly overloads the CPU, crashes. Every side (Dell, Microsoft, Steinberg) keeps pushing me back and forth. You can’t work like this. Steinberg has been aware of the problem for over a year now and still has no solution.
A (very) annoyed Cubase user!!!

Hi Leute
Langsam verliere ich die Geduld. Habe ein neues System mit 12th Generation i9 Intel CPU mit 64GB RAM und Win 11 Home. Cubase 13 läuft nicht zufriedenstellen andauernd die CPU überlastet, aussetzer. Von jeder Seite (Dell, Microsoft, Steinberg) wird man immer wieder hin und her geschoben. So kann man nicht arbeiten. Steinberg kennt das Problem nun schon über einem Jahr und hat bis jetzt keine Lösung dazu.
Ein (sehr) verärgerter Cubase User!!!

If you say Steinberg knows the problem over a year, then there is something weird, since Cubase 13 is available a month or so.
To call it CPU issues is not precise enough to get help here.

Can you provide more information, please?

The audio hardware, graphics hardware and the used plugins would help. And of course, you can publish the crash reports generated by Windows.

So we, the user community, can look into it.



if so - open up the nvidia control panel
THEN: go up on the left to Manage 3D settings
THEN: on the right look carefully (i had to*-) ~> for: Power Management Mode

SET THAT TO: Prefer Maximum Performance

I needed to run at 512 in audio driver control panel
NOW i can run at 64 when desired NO PROBLEMS

ALSO: as you likely know you must be able to pass Latencymon

Steinberg will keep working on the moving target between INTEL - NVIDIA - AMD etc.

MOST ALL OF US do NOT have big issues - I’m partly saying ~> i understand and appreciate you – while knowing that having problems is how I’ve become a better pro.

that’s my 10 minutes on it

Best wishes to all