CPU Requirements for Cubase 12

Hi. I see CPU requirements for Cubase are

  • Processor Intel® Core™ i5 (4th Generation) or AMD Ryzen™
  • CPU Cores: 4 or more

I have a laptop and its processor is an 11th generation Intel Core i3-115G4 (3.00 GHz, 3.00 GHz), a dual core - 4 threads.

…so it doesn’t seem to be ok.
Do you think Cubase’s staff exagerates the requirements just to be sure it will work, and do you think it will be able to function with my laptop anyway?

You can download a trial and check if it works yourself.

But I guess it should work. I used to have an older i3 laptop and run Cubase just fine.

Ok, but which Cubase version did you use? Of course if it was Cubase 5 we all know it worked on a less powerful device…
You’re right. I just should try. But the answer is more complex: I think it depends from how many VST instruments and VST effects I will use at a time and from how many tracks a song will have.

Maybe I should ask someone to send me an entire Cubase project. A song similar to the ones I will probabily record. Nothing too complicated. Averagely:

  • 4 audio tracks for vocals, with a reverber FX and an equalization FX, all adjusted with Vari Audio
  • 1 midi track with a VST instrument as drums
  • 1 midi track with a VST instrument as piano
  • 1 midi track with a VST instrument as strings
  • 1 midi track with a VST instrument as bass
  • 1 audio track for bass with an equalization FX

If anyone wants to send me a similar project with Wetransfer, he can answer in this topic with the download link.

I think the quicker path would be to download the Trial Version and build the test bed yourself.

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