CPU resource waste

Hello Steinberg forum,

I have been using Cubase 9.5 for a while now and this thing really started to bother me.
When I’m making music I’ll use alot instances of software generated synth plugins. The thing is Cubase doesn’t turn off any instances of plugins in my project session which wastes all my CPU resources to a point where I am unable to produce. I tried working around it with ASIO Guard butt it doesn’s really solve the issue. It still shows like 60% cpu usage in task manager within Windows 10 even though I am not active in Cubase. When I turn on ASIO Guard it’ll just turn off the sounds once the ASIO meter is full. Even when playing back like three instances of simple serum patches.
I’m using a i7 7800x with 16 gigs of DDR4 ram partially using a HDD for Kontakt 5 and mainly SSD.
In FL Studio there was this macro called ‘Switch Smart Disable’ which turned off all plugins that were inactive. I’d like to know how to work around this CPU resource waste issue.

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The question is: way do they program so sloppy?

If I can run much more plugins in other DAWs there must be some thing wrong in Cubase.
Also I can’t believe that they release these build (9.5055). It has so many obvious bugs.
Either they do not test properly or they say no matter, the user should come to terms with it.

Until recently there were many DAWs that ran way worse than Cubase.

Pretty much all of these obvious bugs will be fixed in 9.5.10, which should be coming in a few days.