CPU ressources

Dear Forum,

how to deactivate a virtual instruments track after render in place. I would like to safe CPU power.



Right-click to the track and choose Remove Selected Tracks.

Turn it off by clicking the “power” button, same way you would disable a plugin.

To deactivate the track: right-click to the track and choose “Disable Track”. (The suggested “Remove” will obviously instead delete the track.)

But if you use the Render Setting “Mute Source Events” the rendered Midi Parts will be muted automatically.


This is, when the MIDI Part was selected before you hit Render in Place. If no MIDI Part was selected and you render the whole track, you can mute the source track too (in the Render in Place Settings window).

Yes, the Render Setting “Disable Source Tracks” then (or “Mute Source Tracks” alternatively).