CPU skyrocketing from VSTs

Hi, days of frustration has led me to the desperate moment of asking for help.
I recently switched to the Dorico train and was very happy in the beginning, learning the shortcuts and all was fast, and I was so happy to have a sound library that doesn’t sound like insert bad word.
However after days of figuring out what is wrong I have nowhere to go.
I open a project and immideately the VSTAudioEngine goes crazy high on the CPU. It goes straight to 80% and does not move at all. (I have added the dump of log). I have tried to give it more cores, but it seems to only be running of of 1 at a time, switching around. When I am in “Play” mode I try to Ex.map the instruments to be correct sounds, but now it has started to bounce to randomness everytime I switch them back.
This all started when Groove Agent SE started acting weird, I was clicking the “Show Instrument” in the “VST and MIDI” tab, but even though GASE was selected, it still took me to the HALion panel. So I added a new VST as GASE to see if it helped, which it did sometimes. And I can’t seem to find a way to delete the VST’s.
It also takes atleast 10 minutes before I can get any sound out of Dorico. So it goes to crazy land when the sound comes.

Hi @niklas123 , welcome to the forum and sorry for hearing about your bad times with Dorico.
For a start would you please do the following?

  • Launch Dorico and start a new String Quartet project from template
  • Enter some arbitrary notes and check that it is all sounding
  • Finally choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report.

The corresponding zip file please send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de . Thanks

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