cpu spike

Hi,i am working on a project and so far not that many plugs. but when I have the project idle(not playing) the ASIO meter jumps from 3 to 7 back and forth.
im not sure if my system specs are on show here,so let me know if they not.save me typing out in this message.
I have Arturia Analog Lab,Albino 3,Sasha soundlab on Kontakt 5, 5 audio tracks with perc hits.
Waves trueverb stereo,stenberg tonic,sugar bytes permut8 (32bit,bridged) bigseq2(2 instances) Cubase compressor.


Try checking your HDD on bad sectors
See if there are any bad usb devices or hubs in your system

thanks for reply. hdd seems ok. how do I check usb? device manager,and usb controllers,see if any warning symbol beside them?

I get this occasionally.

I think mine comes down to just not enough memory.

Even in a small project, I have seen plug-in culprits causing inordinate ASIO movement, certain Amplitube presets can cause this. Maybe an oversampling mode than can be turned off until bounceā€¦

There are times when I have spikes that I cannot conclude reasons though.

is my pc specs viewable?
im using amd phenom 6 core processor with 8gb ram. I would think I should have no probs for this small amount of plugs.

Unplug every usb thing thats stuck into yer pc, expect of course the elicenser and maybe your audiointerface. Then put them back one by one and see if the spikes show up.

I did not recognize the bridge stuff there.
Have you tried taking that off?

Duplicate the project and completely get rid of Tonic. What difference does that make?

hi,took me a while getting back to this topic.
I am on a new project with nly a handful of vstis and audio tracks.
no bridged plugs,and ASIO meter jumping from 20% -50%.
I have unplugged usb devices and put back in.made no difference.

Just opened an empty project,added amber,from fxpansion nothing else,just default preset,no midi information,and ASIO meter goes fm 20%to almost 60%.