CPU Spikes and Hyperthreading: some "research".

Just thought I’d share this bit of “research”, conducted on my current project after reading another post about whether Hyperthreading was helpful or not.

Hyperthreading ON: CPU 9-11, steadies
Hyperthreading OFF: CPU 12-14, occasional spike

CPU: Intel i7 860 @ 2.80 GHz

In other words, on this machine HT is problematic. I understand that not all HT is equal so perhaps people could add their CPU/HT settings to build a log. I think this was done ages ago but things have probably moved on a bit.

[Edit] C6.0.3 (Win 7, all 64-bit) native VSTs only.

CPU: i7 920xm

with HT ON, some plugins (no x86, only native x64 or x86-jBridged-To-x64) cause cubase to crash occasionally.

with HT OFF, everything is smooth as silk and rock solid stable.

Every machine is different in a thousand different ways so I think there’s more to it then just hyperthreading is helpful or hurtful. I have an Intel Core i7 920 that I’ve been using since May 2009 in SX3 with zero problems with hyperthreading turned on. And now I’m using Cubase 6 on that same machine, again with zero problems with hyperthreading on.

I too have experimented before and turned off hyperthreading and the CPU usage meter went up, can’t recall the exact percentage but I believe it was around a 10% CPU usage increase or so, maybe even 15%. The only problem I have currently with asio spiking is the very well known Native Instruments Reaktor issue which NI confirmed and are fixing with the 5.6.1 update. It doesn’t happen with any of the other NI products I use.

I also have a project I’m currently running with about 16-17 VST synths and tons of VST effect inserts, again… zero problems. So for me, hyperthreading is the logical choice. I know you know this, I’ve read your posts and you are a smart individual. I am by no means shooting down your findings. I’m just pointing out for others that might read this thread that there is no definitive hyperthreading on/off answer as each machine has completely different components. For all we known certain motherboard chipsets might cause hyperthreading issues in Cubase that other chipsets won’t. Many years back there used to be a problem with VIA USB chipsets and midi stuttering for USB midi devices. When that was going on people would claim PC’s suck for music creation because of this problem and say to buy a MAC. I simply bought a USB card with a Rockwell (or maybe TI) chipset and all was fine.

*EDIT - forgot to mention I’m running at 2ms latency, 88 buffers for my Mackie Onyx 1220.


just a comment on this.
we build a ton of Cubendo systems i have never had to turn off HT nor has any of my clients

from the first X 58 system thru present Sandy

I have a Intel Core i7 with a Asus P6T-SE motherboard with a X58 chipset. I never had any problems with HT. Even with large projects there is no problem at all…

Which one?

I have an i7 920 with HT on… no problems at all! It’s not happy with HT off though.