CPU spikes ASIO spikes PLAY4

this post is only usefull for the people who are experiencing ASIO|CPU spikes when using PLAY4

because on another post (http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=184&t=54815) that is located in steinbergs issue reports there are some confirmations on a possible workaround where the spikes seem to dissapear when using the inverted mouse scheme, i thinki t would be a better idea to relocate the issue to this general forum in stead of the more peronalized issue reports.

so we got following results this weekend:

Changed mouse to Standard (non aero) - no change.
Changed to inverted standard (non aero)
-Mix Console MUCH better on the VST spikes!! BUT when I navigate to the Tracks Overview Level Meter area on the Mix console, it spikes. That is the ONLY place I can get it to do that. This may be caused by the mouse visual changing from a “pointer” to a “hand” for selection.
In the Project Window - MUCH Better overall!! I can’t get it to spike anywhere.

I can confirm this. No more clicks and pops, no ASIO spikes, after changing the mouse pointer scheme to “inverted”. All other mouse schemes still lead to spikes on mouse form changes. Not so the scheme “inverted”.

so i changed the mouse settings of windows: config>mouse>pointers in to another scheme (i took the inverted scheme)… and guess… at first sight for now… bye bye spikes…

we also have a negative reply that this didn´t turn out to be a workaround.

if people who are having the problem could check out if changing the mouse to the inverted scheme does something (or nothing) regarding to the asio|cpu spiking, please post your result here
and when answering in the positive or negative way: please tell us what kind of graphics you are using

it is confirmed for intel graphics and nvidea 650

kind regards,