CPU Spikes with H5 Zoom

Hi guys. I am running Cubase 7 - 64bit - on Windows 8.1. I’m using a laptop, Acer Aspire E5-511 - 8GB RAM.

In recent times when I plug my Zoom H5 in to record I am getting CPU spikes - which stops recording - and drives me crazy. Cubase runs fine without spikes when the H5 isn’t plugged in - it happens whether I am using plug ins or not (a little less when I use nothing but it still happens a lot).

It only happens when I use the H5 as a sound card. I’ve been using this setup with the H5 for over 12 months and its always been fine - I’ve only been getting CPU spikes for a few months. Its driving me nuts…

I’ve updated H5 drivers, updated Cubase software, made sure I’m on full power (high performance) and plugged into the wall (in the past I got spikes when my laptop charger wasn’t plugged in. As soon as I plugged the laptop in the spikes went away).

Zoom forum tells me if the drivers are up to date its not a Zoom problem.

Please help.