CPU spiking mediabay

hi all,

seems like my cpu is spiking when i shuffle thru audio samples in my media bay in real time with my project sequence…quite annoying!

any thoughts ?

im on W7 and C6 both 64bit

Hello Gilera,

is the MediaBay perhaps still scanning your HDD’s ?



Nope…it is also doing it outside media bay now - and Asio Time Usage is still very low but im noticing that the Disk Cache Usage goes up to the red for a split of a second every time it spikes.

What could be the cause ? Ive also increase my M-Audio 192 buffer size.


what kind of system do you have exactly and could you perhaps give some more details about the project and used plugins ?



pc - intel core 2 quad 2.40GHz
windows 7 64bit
cubase 6 64bit
8gig ram DDR2
M-audio audiophile 192

Project is still very fresh…a coupe of Cubase own Compressor and Waves Soundshifter (thru j-bridge)

I am noticing that this is mostly happening when i hit the space bar to start/stop

kind regards,

HD speed? laptop? drive space left? separate audio drive? you can see I’m pointing at your drive. Last defragged?

HD Speed: dont really know how i could get this …searched on the net with no results apart from installing some programs

Laptop: No - desktop

Drive Space Left: Local Disk 49.7GB free of 198GB…Data 315GB free of 731GB

Separate Audio Drive: what does this mean? :slight_smile: sorry

Last Defragged: about 2 months ago

Thanks for your interest in my problem…highly appreciate your help

Separate audio drive. What I mean is that are you recording to a physically separate hard drive.

i.e is your “Data” drive a separate drive or a partition of one drive and do you put you projects to that drive?

i have 2 seperate drives

Local Disk is for setups, OS,etc

Data is just for music - projects, sample banks,etc

N.B - ive been in the studio for 2 hours this morning and i still havent done anything because i am getting “cubase 6 has stop working” and sometimes the program also closes on its own - this is super strange! what about the hotfix upgrade…is that solid ?

Hello Gilera,

you could install the 6.0.4 update, but I think something else is going wrong on your system because of what you are now reporting.

  1. Please have a look at this knowledge base article about removing the Cubase preferences https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/removing-the-preferences-of-the-sequencer/kb_back/2025.html?tx_p77sbknowledgebase_pi1[keyword_search]=Preferences

  2. Are you working with plugins ? Please have a look if there are updates for them available.

  3. Do you have 3th party software running in the background ? When yes, please disable them during working with Cubase



thanks chris…removing Cubase preferences did solve the crashing problem.

Still cant figure out why the Disk Cache Usage meter spikes also when i move the cursor ( even when the project is not playing) do i have to enable/disable something from my pc or cubase?

have you got any thoughts on this ?

OK…ive been diagnosing this Disk Cache Usage overload for countless hours now!

I have removed every single track from the project apart from one - and the DCU is still hitting the red when i move the cursor (timeline) here and there.

It is only when i delete the last track that the DCU stops from clipping.

any thoughts on this ?


It is normal in this case that the disc cache light will turn red. Nothing abnormal about that, because the system needs to read a whole new part of the HDD.



For all of you that will be facing this problem…i have finally found what was causing the spiking.

It was Steinberg’s own VST bridge :frowning:

Use J-Bridge…works perfectly ! and be sure to save the new folder with all the new bridged dll’s OUTSIDE the vst plugins folder

hope this will make things abit easier for you than it was for me :slight_smile: