CPU Spiking while manouvering around Cubase windows

I’m sure I’ve seen a post about this before but since I think one of the C8 updates(8.0.30 or 8.0.20) I’ve been having an issue with the CPU going haywire and the graphics slowing down slightly when say opening the key editor/closing it, drawing and moving stuff around in the key editor or project window while the music is playing or even not.

Is there a specific cure for this, I updated my graphics a while back when looking into this but it didn’t do a thing.

I’m on W7 C8 32Bit Intel HD4000 graphics…

Any advice appreciated, thanks. :slight_smile:

Same GFX chipset and OS as you but I don’t have this issue with 8.0.30 or 8.5

Go to File - Preferences - Editing - Tools and disable the option “Select Tool: Show Extra Info”
It did help here.

Cheers for suggestion, that was already turned off… Maybe playing around with some settings will help.

I had similar issues with projects using an instance of East West PLAY. Only fix for me was to install an very old intel-HD4000-Graphics Driver.