CPU upgrade AMD FX -> i7-xxxx?

I am currently trying to decide what i7 system i want to build.

At the moment i’m running Cubase 8.5 with a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 on a AMD FX8370@4.2GHz with 16GB ram.

I hope i will be getting a performance boost across the board? but my main concern is realtime DAW performance.
I’ve been looking at i7-6700K/i7-7700K on Asus Z170 motherboard vs 6-8cores from intel.

What should i aim for? budget for RAM, Motherboard and CPU is around 600-800£ ~ 800-1000$.

Your input is much appreciated. :wink:

Either will deliver a significant step up in performance. Just be sure the motherboard is tried and tested with Cubase. Using the cheaper processor but stretching to the well established x99 motherboard may be a better bet.

Really? thanks. How do i know if it is cubase tested?

See if any of the professional audio DAW builders use this board in their spec/open a thread here.