CPU upgrade question

Hello. Newbie question, so please excuse if I should already know this!
I’m trying to get a meaningful CPU performance upgrade on my current PC and wondered if anyone could advise me, please?
I’m running the latest Cubase 11 on a PC with 32 gig RAM and 1TB SSD drive, driven by a 3rd Gen i5 CPU.
I’ve been offered an upgrade path to a 3rd Gen i7 and wondered what sort of % improvement this might give? I realize there are many variables and that CPU usage is a big can of worms (!) but I was hoping for general advice as to whether this should offer a significant improvement.
Currently most sessions are fine, but I’m getting near the buffers with a few hungry VSTs.
Thanks very much!

Highly depends on exact CPU model.

In general:
Higher frequency gives you a faster processing (heavy VST instruments/plugins with less latency)
More cores - more VST instruments/plugins in one project

For CPU comparison take a look at:

regards, Alexaander

Thanks Alexaander - much appreciated!

Hi MarkD25

I was in the same boat about a year ago. Was owning an older i5 2500K wich I believe has served me very very well for 8 years or so. I examined i7 models so I would not have to change motherboard but it did not show a huge difference. So now… well… I assembled a new computer with a i7 10th gen which will most certainly give you far better performance. Since years adding more cores has been a main factor in providing better performance. Personally I do not think you will gain very much by changing a 3rd gen i5 with a 3rd gen i7. I understand your dilemma… Going up in gen will set a snowball effect in motion resulting in an avalance and eventually a new computer. New gen will need newer socket → will need new motherboard → will lead to newer components needed like memory… etc… And before you know it you have a new computer. Since you have the 3rd gen I guess your computer is somewhere about 7 or 8 years old. Maybe it’s time… But yeah… We need more money :slight_smile:

Thank you Blademan - that’s very helpful.