CPU usage Freeze Vs print

When I work on a project with lots of synths Cubase starts to choke (even at the very highest buffer size). I run Mojave and have a 12 core Trashcan Mac and these don’t seem to be working very hard.
When through arranging, I print all tracks and turn off the synths (Halion sonic, Kontakt etc.)…that doesn’t seem to make much difference in the Cubase meter and it will still stutter.
…Will freezing the tracks be more effective at freeing up Cubase processing ability than printing and turning off?
…What is that Performance meter measuring?

Mojave 10.14.6
2.7GHz 12-Core Intel Xeon E5
32 gig Mem

Hi and welcome on the forum,

What do you mean by “print”, please? There is no print function in Cubase. Do you mean Render in Place? Or do you mean Export Audio Mixdown and import it back to the project?

In general, the freeze is kind of export. In all cases, you get an audio file, which you playback instead of the instrument. All the methods should save the CPU load +/- the same way.

I apologize for the use of the word “print.” I the setting described, I am “exporting” tracks. I don’t usually use “render” because, if using a multi-channel instrument like Halion Sonic I need to export individual tracks…sometimes in mono rather than stereo. Once I have “exported” all the midi tracks used to create the piece I go to the Instrument panel and turn off all the virtual instruments used in the piece. I rarely see any reduction in the Performance meter.
What is that meter measuring.

Will frozen tracks still be “audio” tracks two years from now when I reopen the project and find that a synth in no longer in service?


Lets’ wait for the upcoming update. There is going to be a fix in macOS performance area. Hopefully it will fix yours.