CPU usage higher under v1.1.2

A project started under v1.1.1 now has much higher CPU usage under v1.1.2 - I have used preload.

My desktop is on a AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core 3.40 GHz processor (128GB RAM).

My laptop shows lower CPU usage on the same project - it is on an Intel Core i7 -8650U 1.90 GHz processor (16GB RAM).

The desktop is using a Yamaha N8 firewire audio input - whilst the laptop is using the onboard soundcard.

How does VST Live work with multicore processors?

We need way more information, which plugins, how many Layers, do you use Stacks, MIDI Tracks etc. You may send a .vlprj file for us to examine, thanks.

Project shared in private message.

Thank you for your help.