CPU usage. It's normal?

Hi there…!

I’m running C6.5 from half an year…no one problem: all is perfect and without a bug!
Some time ago i bought the C7 update and I install it just today (with his 7.0.4 release).

Can you tell me if there’s something new in the cpu/vst management?

I opened a project of sime time ago: wonderful, all was recognized and no problem at all…all is working. I noticed that while in C6.5 the cpu indicator was at 1/3 now it is at an half. Why? They were the same exact projects!

I noticed another strange thing. Opening C7, with no project and anything opened, there’s a little cps usage (see the photo)

is this normal?

I have a discrete daw so I don’t think it depends from this:
i7 3770 ivyB 3,4ghz + Arctic Cooling Freezer / 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz / GAZ77 MB / Crucial M4 + 3xWD Caviar Blue.

Any idea or experience?

Aloha g,

I too have found that loading the same projects as C6.5,
C7 does indeed use a lil more cpu juice.

with no project and anything opened

My guess is the cpu has to ‘pay’ for all those new modules
sitting in the ‘Mix Console’ whether you use them or not.

My indicator is at a much higher level than yours. [2x]
What’s your buffer setting?


Hi Guy’s,

I’m having the same problem; I’m looking to upgrade my PC due to the recent updates as my ASIO is starting to choke. I myself was wondering with all the NEW graphics in MixWIndow was causing the CPU to be more intensive!?



exactly that !

the price of progress costs :wink:

in this screenshot i was @ 512 if I remember well.

There’s someone who’ve made some tests creating the same project that were on 6.5 on the 7 (starting from a blank)?

ASIO load is not exactly the same as CPU usage. You will of course increase CPU usage when opening Cubase because the computer is running another application (Cubase), but to see this difference you will have to open Task Manager.

Of course the two are linked which is where more powerful computers come in, but ASIO load as indicated on the ASIO meter, as I understand it, is a representation of the work being done in Cubase: playing audio, playing instruments, VST plug-ins, automation etc.

My own PC has a much lower speck than your machine: Gigabyte EX58, I7 920, 266 GHZ, 6 gigs 1333 DDR3 RAM and I get no ASIO meter reading at all until I start adding stuff in Cubase. Even then My ASIO meter drops a little when the session is not playing, which I believe is as it should be.

Why you get an ASIO meter reading with an empty project I have no idea, sorry.

Yep this is a veeeeery common misconception and crops up every now and again…

Do you have an external interface… USB/FW? these generally need to work with larger buffer sizes than say PCIe interfaces… my machine is even slightly lower spec than yours again and very happily work at 128 samples @ 44.1/24 with probably a little less ASIO usage showing on an empty project than the OP.

What sample rate are you working at also as this will affect ASIO usage too.