CPU usage on new upgrade

I am not the most advanced computer expert but i need to know what is happening.
Most Vst Synths are running well in Cubase 12 now and some synths especially Arturia max out on certain sounds for example the opening sound on Juno 6 just hits the max meters red if playing with two hands or if you just run your fingers up the keyboard.
I have looked in the task manager and my CPU is only hitting 12% at the max.
In Cubase i have multi- threading on and my Windows 11 power scheme is on high performance.
Is the problem with Cubase, Arturia , Focusrite drivers (I have the latest but have the first generaion 6i6) or cores not evening out??
I do not get sound glitches even when hitting max and when the music stops the audio performance meters are showing 25% activity.
This is all on one Instrument track.
I am a little baffled here and is there a solution to this ? or is it what it is?
I have a i7 six core7800x CPU@3.50Ghz 12 logical processor 32gig ram
All the Best
Can someone explain what is happening here or any help appreciated.

similar computer…
and similar problem.
12.0 seems better for cpu in old computers
12.1 needs more cpu (maybe more stable?)
I need more test


On further testing the Cubase meters max out on the Juno 6 with no glitches.
I go to desktop and open Juno 6 Standalone and the cpu meter reaches 15%.
Are the meter readings correct in cubase 12.
Should i just ignore the Cubase meters then.
Does no glitches mean that the power scheme is working even when it goes max red.
This is all a little baffling as i have plenty of room and power

Retrologue hardly moves the meters and Korg plays without going mad as Ik plugs.
I have been using Genos to edit and turn to wave and mix and that side of things is going great , but i want to use vst more now and need confidence with it

I recommend you use the Steinberg power scheme. You can also check to see if performance improves by disabling hyper threading in your BIOS.
You also might want to run LatencyMon to find processes that use up a lot of resources.

The Audio Performance meters are NOT CPU meters. There are more factors to how real-time audio is handled than CPU load.

Hi Mlindeb

I do have the power scheme on
I did as you say and downloaded Latencymon and it said my computer is suitable for handling realime audio without dropouts.
I looked in Bios , but have no option for trying to disable Hyperthreading.
My Computer CPU is low, but the Performance meter hits red on certain sounds especially the Arturia Juno 6. I must stress that not all sounds hit red and most Synths max at 50% on the VST Instrument track most of the time.
It does not necessarily glitch when you hit the red bar.
Should the red bar appear if the power schemes is on?
I am just curious why all this is happening, but not a big problem.
I would have thought with my machine it would have plenty of headroom.
Cubase 12 since update is going ok at the moment except for the performance meter hitting red .
it could be Arturia at fault as i have found just certain sounds behave badly accross the 8 collection.
Something like Korg Wavestate really behaves itself and well within the boundries for multi- layered sound.

All the Best

Seems like ‘most’ of these comments, here and elswehere, are related to various builds on Windows systems [?]. Not so easy to tell these days as it used to be becuase this new forum platform does not seem to allow for sigs /system info. In any case, my plaftorm for this post is:

MacPro 7,1, 16 core, 192GB, macos 12.3.1, Vega II Duo. Apollo x8, UAD-2, Antelope Pure 2, Antelope Orion 32+. RAID-4 Thunderbay 6, RAID-0 Sonnet M.2 4x4. MiniMon 4k, Dell U3415W & BenQ SW2700PT etc …

[This is likely a little over-specced for a DAW, but I do a lot of film production with DaVinci Resolve Studio].

In my experience, yes, the ASIO load is higher in C12 and all things being equal, a given project makes the computer work harder. Old projects include those from Nuendo 11, 96kHz, aggregate audio across Apollo x8 and the 2 x Antelope interfaces. These projects are stem masters and which make use of external analogue summing - out to a hardware rack on a number of discreet busses via the Antelope Orion, then recorded back into the same session via the Antelope Pure 2. Pusing the load for sure.

In both N11 and C12, the ASIO buffers and Audio Priority are the same, both set to highest. Both plaforms work, but Cubase certainly shows more load. Still, it does work and in the projects I’ve used there have yet to be any killer breakdowns. I have found however that Cubase is generally more buggy, eg, sometimes certain buttons will not work without multiple presses and a few "Eh?"s. Sometimes Cubase will quit without warning (but gracefully & without major corruption etc). There has been one case where it will not load a Nuendo session, in which case I’ve had to open in Nuendo, chage a few random bits, then re-save, then open successfully in Cubase.

Shall try the Cubase update shortly, see if there’s any improvements yet. Obviously. none of the above applies to VIs, live recording etc, but thus far, this seems to be the same as per above. No undue latency /performance issues so far.

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