Cpu usage question

Hi, I rencently installed a new computer, and the cpu usage in cubase doesnt seem to be the same, as what the actuall cpu load is showing. To illustrate: When cubase says my cpu usage is around 50%, my cpu tells me that im using4-5 %.
Any computer genies around to give me a good answer on whats going on? Is it not using all the cores or?

The usage meter in Cubase shows you an approximation of the most busy core, it only takes one core to max out to cause pops and clicks even if the rest of the system is idle. There is a multiprocessor option in cubase which can be turned off (check it) and some VSTis have this option as well such as Kontact - although they say the host should handle the threads - I’ve found that activating multicore in Kontact has solved a lot of my CB8 CPU peak issues.

Another way of spreading load is to route tracks that have many insert effects so you can run half the inserts on the track itself and half on the group or routed track. As far as I can ascertain, each track gets its own thread.

Also turn off automatic record arm - this causes cpu spikes on a lot of systems.

I’ll investigate. Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

Cubase is dealing with near real-time multimedia streams, which are very sensitive to short-term resource peaks, so its meters are optimised to indicate what might disturb its primary function.

OS resource metering is geared more to general use, rather than critical real-time, and so will tend to show rolling averages, which may fail to indicate disruptive peaks.

Good to know, appriciate the reply Patanjali!

Followup question: Is the Automatic record arm that peppapig mention, the following:
Prefrences > Editing > Projec & MixConsole > Enable record on selected audio/midi track?
Or am i looking in the wrong place? :blush:

Not able to check this at the moment, but does it cause the peaks just at the moment of selecting a track, or while actually recording that track?

Of course, the former is just a visual nuisance :unamused: , but the latter is a PITA :angry: .

I double checked my prefrences, and I had set to not enable record on selected. I just wondered if this was what he meant :slight_smile: English is not my main Language you see, so I was not sure. I did however get a hold of a friend that could tell me that it was the prefrence Peppapig was refering to. :smiley: