CPU usage rises when activating VTSi's

Hi all,

I have a few (29) VSTi’s connected. These are VEP instances in a rack configuration. The VEP is hosting VIs on an external box.
When the VSTi’s are activated, my CPU usage jumps from practically nothing (1 - 3%) up to between 25% and 33% on all 8 cores. And the real-time peak within Cubase is sitting at somewhere between 15% and 20%. This is with Cubase at rest - nothing playing. When I deactivate the VSTi’s, everything is right with the CPU usage/real-time peak.

Any help figuring out how to get that down, so that when I’m not playing anything, it doesn’t think it has to be processing stuff?


I think it’s always processing stuff, because the audio loop is running. It’s ready and running, such that if you send it a MIDI command, it will immediately play it, not have to suddenly start all the processing running.

To verify this theory, if you start to actually play a little bit of each of the instruments, the CPU usage should not change a lot.

jwatte is right, vst instruments are always running so you can play them live with a midi keyboard.