CPU usage very low, why can't we use Full Throttle?

I have i9 13900K, when I use Unmix Vocals on SpectraLayers 9, Windows 11 Task Manager’s Performance monitor shows 39% CPU usage.
I have to unmix lots of tracks everyday, there is no way to batch & it tooks like 10seconds for one song, so speed will be very helpfull.

Why can’t we use all CPU power ?

i9 13900K
Asus ProArt Z790 Creator
64 GB DDR5 6400 Mhz
RTX 4080

It’s been improved quite a lot with SpectraLayers 10 : not only does it use all CPU cores, Unmix Vocals also produces much higher quality separation, and on top of that you can also use your RTX 4080 to unmix 8 times faster than with your CPU.

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so u mean SpectraLayers 9 uses CPU, 10 uses GPU, right?

SpectraLayers 10 gives you the choice between CPU and GPU.

And that is a great thing, because I’m using just the CPU internal graphics on my modern DAW computer (Ryzen 7900x) for the time being, and on my system, using the CPU is much faster than using the GPU.