CPU usage when soloing

I have a decent processor (Intel i5 2400 at 3.1ghz) and so using a lot of plugins isn’t too much of a problem - my project is staying at about 50% usage, usually a bit less, on the average performance bar. However, as soon as I solo a channel it goes all the way up to the top and I have stuttering problems. This seems totally illogical to me. Does anyone know anything about this?


Intel i5 2400 at 3.1ghz
8gb Ram Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Cubase Artist 7 32 Bit

Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you try to disable ASIO guard in the Preferences and see if that improves ?

I did, it seems like it reduces the CPU usage when it’s soloed a little but not enough to be usable. Oddly, it works fine if you disable the rest of the tracks or put it away from your other clips, but not when you press solo.