cpu useage

I have just purchased Steinberg cubase 8 as an upgrade from 5
with 2 instances of retrograde i’m getting cpu pops
or one of halion sonic 2 se with just 2 multis filled
I still have loaded all of the old 32 bit plug ins
should I delete all of these?
I have opened up the buffer on my soundcard - focusrite saffire 6
any ideas

laptop spec i7 quad core 2.2 ghz
8 gig ram
7200 rpm hard drive
windows 7 home premium 64 bit


If you are using 64-bit Cubase, then it’s deffinitely better to use 64-bit plug-ins. If you are using 32-bit plug-ins in a 64-bit DAW, you need more CPU power to “transform” it from 32- to 64-bit world.

If you have 8 GB RAM, then it make sense to use 64-bit DAW (and plug-ins).