CPU Virtual Cores are Not Used

Nuendo should be able to take advantage of all the threads of a cpu.
Many of us have crossgraded to Nuendo from Logic to have the possibility of sound design and composing music in a single software. A great step forward! Unfortunately Nuendo struggles a lot with virtual instruments and reaches the limit long before other platforms. It is inconvenient to have to use VPE just because Nuendo’s peerformance is limited. I’m not a technician but maybe using all the cores including virtual ones would raise Nuendo to another level, maybe …


Turn on ASIOguard if you haven’t. As far as I recall that makes a difference, at least as long as you’re also not recording.



Unfortunately, Asioguard in my case won’t help as it doesn’t work properly when using VE PRO. I tried using Cubase in the past with Asio Guard 2 and not VE PRO but found the performance was so lackluster even with disabling tracks that VE PRO still made a lot of sense to use.

Asio Guard not help eighter once I need to record and record with lowest latency possible.