Cpying Grand 2 to new PC

I have an old system with Cubase 4. I am running “The Grand 2” in it. I have the dongle which I assume has the activation code on it, but have lost the disc for The Grand and want to install it into Cubase 8 on another computer… Can I copy that programme onto my new system ( Windows 8.1 - Cubase artist 8 ) and activate it from the dongle ? Or do I need to purchase a new set of software? I cant find anywhere to download Grand 2 from.

If I need to repurchase I will go with an XLN product.

Please help, I am pretty ok with computer stuff ( not an I.T geek by any means but am not scared to try stuff )

Much thanks. Rob

I also need to download some, now, unsupported? software. Did u find anything about downloads, maybe from the ftp server?