Cracking on all playback action.

During playback, action on each command, volume, panning, effects, MIDI edition etc… Causes a little or big cracking (and sometimes a slight shift in MIDI playback).
Which makes the app unbearable to use.
5 Tracks Midi AUv3, IPad Pro 1, all updated

Hi Ouioui,

Thanks for your message.

So far, we did not experience or hear about similar issues with the latest Cubasis version.
Therefore it seems, one of the external 3rd party AU instruments or system overload seem to cause the issue.

Here are some suggestions:
A - Please make use of track freeze to lower the system load
B - Give it a try to load the AU instruments one after another, to check when the issue appears

Please keep us updated about your findings.


it seems the problem came from Troublemaker. he is aptly named in this circumstance.
I associated it with a midi effect of the same developer: lfo, only one activated acting on the plugin volume. by freezing this track and removing the original, the problem has disappeared.
because I do not know if it’s caused by one, the other, or both.

Hi Ouioui,

Thanks for your message.
I’d suggest to get in touch with the instrument/effect apps manufacturer directly.