Crackle on Zoom H5 recordings

I’ve just bought a Zoom H5 and am alarmed that all recordings have severe crackle when imported to my MacBook Air (OS Yosemite) and played back in Wavelab 8.5.

There’s no crackle when playing back in the H5, nor if I play the files in iTunes.

Strangely enough, the first time it happened, I’d recorded 44.1k 16bit files which crackled. But when I upsampled them to 48k, the crackle vanished.

But I normally record 48k and so I tried the same trick and upsampled to 96k, but the crackles sounded worse.

Has anyone experienced this exact problem, or something like it? It’s clearly a Wavelab issue, rather than a Zoom problem.


Sounds to me as if you’ve got some gain set in WaveLab somewhere so that the playback is clipping.


Definitely not clipping … it’s not that sort of crackle. Levels are fine.

I have a vague feeling that something like this happened in earlier versions of Wavelab, but can’t recall context.

I’m happy to make a short segment available for someone else to test.

Try to change the buffer settings in Options > VST Audio Connections