Crackle, VST Live 2.0.6

Some songs that work well in VST Live 1 will crackle in VST Live 2. (A phenomenon similar to when the latency is too low.) In some extreme cases, the program even exits. The same songs in version 1 work flawlessly. Same phenomenon on several different computers (desktop and laptop, Windows 10, 16 Gb RAM, Audient ID14 or Mackie DL16s, Buffer Size 256 samples)

I had the same problem, i verified that this happens when you have duplicated tracks with same audio clip played at the same time. Seems a problem linked to audio access to the same file at the same time. Works in 1.4.70, fails in v 2.0.x.

I solved by importing the same audio clip with different file name to remove the simultaneous access to the same audio file.

Definitely a bug, should be normal to use same audio file in multiple traks simoultaneusly.

Regards, Ciro.

You may be right, my song also has a drum groove that appears several times in the song.

… can you please check if Crash Logs were created?

… I’ve tried my best with the latest version (2.0.10), but I did not get any crackles or crashes. Can you please re-check with 2.0.10? You can still reproduce it? Do you have an example project which we could analyse?

Thank you for your help,

Tryed in 2.0.10, same song that gave me the crashes. Duplicated again same track that was responsible for the crash, this time nothing happens… sorry i deleted old backups so i cannot test if was old project related or if it is solved in 2.0.10!!
Regards, Ciro.

… thank you for your fast reply, @ciro1983811. Please let us know when the problems have returned.


wait - you duplicated the track? That might explain it, will check. Asked to confirm that the file was imported twice, that’s a different scenario.

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Should all be fixed with the upcoming prerelease.