crackle when i load a VST instrument or change sound

I have a PC running Nuendo and using a RME fireface 800 card the problem I am hiving is that when ever I load a new Vst instrument I get a loud crackle or pop. This also happens when I change the sound on the VST instrument.
I have no idea why this happens and I’m worried about it. Can anybody suggest why this might be ?



Are you loading whilst in play back?


No Just loading while idle

How did you connect the RME to your PC? Firewire 400 port or are you using a firewire 800 PCI card? Is another firewire device (e.g. external HD) also connected? Are you having this problem only with N6, or is it happening with other versions/DAWs?

Hi, Thanks for asking!

I am using a firewire 800 pci card to connect. There are no other firewire devices connected and it I am using no other DAWs

best wishes


I have never been able to run a firewire 800 device under Windows properly. Haven’t tried Win 7 though. Your problem is most probably caused by the card. Does your motherboard have a built-in firewire 400 port? Try using that instead. If not, maybe the card has an extra 400 port. You can try that too. You may have to use an 800 to 400 adaptor. Refer to your RME manual and see if you can connect it to a 400 port and how. An 800 to 400 cable might already be inside your RME box. I don’t know much about that RME model.

Good luck.

Thanks Ipanema, The RME Fireface is an 800 device so it would be best for me to use 800 if I can, :slight_smile:

I stand to be corrected, but as I understand it there is really no advantage in using FW800 for a Fireface 800 unless you are using more than one Fireface (up to 3 allowed I think). For just one Fireface, FW400 works just fine. I have used both with my Firface and noticed no operational difference.

You are correct ffg.
That is why I suggested trying FW400 port to see if the problem still exists or not. If using FW400 solves the problem, there is really no need for the device to be connected to the 800 port, which works best under Mac OS by the way.

I understand it is a bit disappointing to have to connect an 800 device to a 400 port just to make it work, but it’s certainly worth trying it once in order to figure out where the problem is. Just a suggestion.