Crackle when splitting and moving audio events


When I split an audio event and move it a crackle will appear at that point.
For instance in this case I’m slightly moving the kick drum a couple of places.
Are there any better we to do this, or is there a good way to silence the crackle.

I’m using Cubase 6

I appreciate your help.


Switch on snap to zero, or use a small fade in/out with the fade handle.

Or enable auto fade-in + fade-out + crossfade.

Be careful with snap to zero, because the actual cut will be slightly off the grid because it will search for a point in the audio file where the line crosses 0. The snap is caused by the sudden drop you get when cutting the signal anywhere where it is not 0, as the signal will literally snap to 0 at that point.

Sure these are probably better ideas, but what I find is that I have to exaggerate the wave enough so that I can cut it at a point where there is a break in the audio. Sometimes I get lucky and don’t have to do this, but then again, the surest way is to cut where this is an audio gap.