Crackles and garbled audio for playback and recording

I"ve been recording with cubase 8.5 for a couple weeks now with a new system and have had trouble making it work properly. I’ve had crackling occur during playback, and it comes in slowly like a rain storm, at first just a couple crackles, then it builds and turns to garble. I also have the problem when recording, it has a slightly different sound, like static and kind of like a bit crusher sound. My cpu meters are fine, so I don’t think it has anything to do with the buffer settings. I’m thinking it has to do with the card maybe? I have 2 delta 1010s with windows 7 64 bit. If anybody has some ideas that would be great.

Have you tried running with just the one Delta first?
It’s a pretty old bit of kit too…it was discontinued some time ago now but i know a couple of guys who still use them, one of them is my old one, but the last driver was published some time ago now. might be worth updating it if funds allow…

Thanks for your reply! I haven’t tried that, but I’ve tried switching inputs on the both, and still happens. I also switched preamps and since then it hasn’t happened, but I doubt it’s the preamp, just weird that it hasn’t happened since. I’ll try it again today to see if it happens again

Also double check you’re not running on some rubbish default windows driver.

ya using the delta, pretty frustrating, hopefully wont have to buy a new sound card