Crackles in Android version


I 've been using iOS version with no problem (full version)

Lately I switched to the Samsung S9 plus. Since then I experience crackles and pops in the output sound. It happens with midi demo songs, like Blue Danube. (Lite version for the moment)

Is there a solution to get rid of that ?

Cheers !


Hi Vynce,

Thank you for the bug report! We learnt that Samsung allegedly doesn’t guarantee full OpenSL ES (Open Sound Library for Embedded Systems) support on the S9 Plus. The audio engine of the Music Studio Android version is based on OpenSL ES, this is probably the cause for the crackling.

The solution may require us to rewrite the audio engine without using OpenSL ES, which is why I can’t give you any time frame for when a fix will be available.

On the other hand, maybe Samsung will fix this in a future Android update…

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