Crackles in Cubase Demo Song Venus Theory (not asio)?

Anyone else getting crackles in the Demo Song?

I check this out today after doing my .2 update and the Wubs Channel Crackles. I’ve narrowed it down to a combination of DUAL FILTER and SQUASHER in the inserts on the Chord Wubs Group.

It might be intended distortion but it doesn’t sound good like intended compared to other things. The automation for the Dualfilter is making quite a pop, then there’s the fizzerly crackle too.

Thank you

Did no one else notice this? Did anyone even load the demo project from the download assistant?

Demo song is not showing in my download assistant. I went to the Cubase 11 download page and attempted to get it from there and all I got was an error page! Correction I finally found it under the Cubase 11 heading. will investigate it now that I have it.

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Glad you found it, let me know how it works for you.

Thank you

Plays fine for me.

Thank you for testing? Did you isolate the track I mentioned and listen to the automation on the dual filter causing the pops? Some people might not notice it at first. Could you do a mix down of just that part and provide an audio example link here?

I’ll upload a video next time I’m in the studio so people can better hear, know what to listen for. It might be an issue with my system which means I’d need to do some series resolve to figure out why.

No you’re right, but I don’t think I heard as big a problem as you’re describing. I hear a very faint crackle/click sound when the filter resets, i.e., drops to the low point in the saw tooth automation pattern. I don’t hear anything I would describe as a pop anywhere. I had to listen on cans to hear it.

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Yes, then as Squasher is bringing the volume up it amplifies the pop. However, I seemed to be getting an extra crackle related to some form of artefact related to what is going on here. I’ll try get a video up after breakfast.

Thank you