Crackles on MP3 export (Dorico 3.5)

Hi - a quick search and I can see no answer to this problem…
Have Dorico 3.5 running on a superfast laptop - all hunkydory. However, for the first time, I have to send an MP3 file of a work and, on playback after export, the file crackles and pops.
I have always exported lossless WAV files (and doing it on this piece produces a perfect copy!), so the first time I am required to submit an mp3 I get this problem.
I have tried deleting the bad file, re-exporting the file (several times) and the crackles are still there and, oddly, in the same place.
I found something on the forum about pressing the space bar twice, playing it back, and pressing rewind button before exporting - but none of it makes a difference.
I would appreciate your help as I have a looming deadline on this one (thank goodness I have finished it early for once!) and I am not a computer expert.
Cheers Pete

Often this is a gain issue, but Dorico runs really cool with low gain.

When Daniel gets a chance to chime in, I could use a few words about the gain system. Why is the mixer set to ~50% by default (too quiet I find requiring setting to 100% for all the tracks), and any other comments on the gain architecture.

I have always found MP3 export to be unreliable, unpredictably creating audio artifacts. Now I always export to WAV and then convert it in Audacity. That also allows me to increase the output gain so it’s nice and loud.

Hi Pete, I’m interested in this. MP3 is for sure not perfect but I would not expect crackles in the stream. Could you please share the file with me? Please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’ or share via Dropbox or the like. Full confidentiality guaranteed from my side.
During export the audio engine is not under real-time constraints and can take enough time to properly render the audio without drop outs. So I wonder what is going on in your case

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Thank you, gentlemen, for your replies.
Have sent the files, thanks Ulf.
I didn’t know you could convert a WAV file to an mp3 via third party software- that’s a great tip, thank you

Sorry Pete, but I did not receive anything from you (yet)…

Sorry Ulf - just checked my mail and it is still going round and round in my outbox???

Have sent it again.

Thank you so much

Follow up: I’ve proposed Pete to use FlexASIO instead of the Generic Low Latency Driver and with that he also gets a clean MP3 export.

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